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U.S. Army™ Hydro Terra

Go Where other RC's fear to tread!

U.S. Army™ Gemini

This Dual Mode 3.5 Channel Chopper lets you patrol the land and take to the air!

U.S. Army™ Sky Runner

Protect and serve with this fly and drive 3.5 Channel Chopper.

U.S. Army™ Micro Rig Fueler

Drives like a true Big Rig!

U.S. Army™ Humvee®

Your very own U.S. ARMY™ High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle!

U.S. Army™ Combat Chopper

This 3 Channel chopper lets you own the skies. 3 bands allow you to fly multi chopper missions.

U.S. Army™ Advanced Attack Chopper

Patrol the skies with this 3 Channel Chopper.